Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Influence the Blogosphere Revisited

So my digg feed is relatively recent and today I'm poking around for research sources to provide raw fodder for the term paper mill and what do I find? I'm tagged as a spammer on digg already. Below is the recap:

by thepacketrat on 3/20/06
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diggspam! It's a consulting site, not news. [reply]

by urbansurvivor 5 minutes ago
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When exactly did consulting become anathema? I use digg and the rest of the alphabet soup to gather information useful to *me*. I do not represent myself or my feeds as professonal journalism. However to be fair to you, I will give both your articles opining on the more general topic of rss a thoughtful read, fair enough? Slapping me with spamishness without further comment feels like being smacked in the face with a fish.

Perhaps I should preclude my own research with a pre-claimer?

Sheesh buddy!

I guess now I'll have to review his stuff and report back. When I have time...after the rough drafts of two term papers are, well drafted. Wait, raw research, compare and contrast paper, Hmmmmm.....should I source packrat........? Interesting....

Well anyway, If I do there'll be an update. For now I expect the subject has died a quiet UN-dugg death.

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