Monday, September 25, 2006

MySpace security warning

For those of you who still play in the sandbox, read the Register's article regarding the 'private' setting for profiles....

Teen data on Myspace compromised
Hack allows 'private' entries to be made public
By OUT-LAW.COM → More by this author
Published Wednesday 30th August 2006 07:02 GMT
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A security hole in the popular MySpace social networking site allowed users to view entries marked "private", a crucial protection for users aged under 16, according to weekend reports.

Hey Art & George, the BrainTrust finally caught up with CoasttoCoast listeners!

Scientists discover 'shadow person' | COSMOS magazine

Chalk one up for the Coast to Coast AM listeners, they beat the scientific community to the punch once again by their diligence and open mindedness. Read the COSMOS article detailing the cause of some of the 'shadow people'.