Thursday, April 20, 2006

What Makes a Good Blog?

This non-blog, blog layout article from Spring 2005 NY-Times discusses in brief good blogging strategies. Personality is key, single focus is not as important as *interesting* content. Reader comments build traffic, ya just gotta have 'em, no way around it. Urbansurvivor agrees that comments and the resulting traffic come very s l o w l y.

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43 and 1

Recently I jumped on the 43 bandwagon. You know, the social networking tool-ish sites which are so popular and allow you to rate, review, build upon 43 stuffs you are into? Thought it was a really cool idea, a-la Kevin Bacon six degree concept. Wrong.

I began happily reviewing one of my favorite authors, reasoning that reviews lead to amazon revenue, occasionally.

What I found out was that after I reviewed my author/book, logged out then looked at the review as any anonymous surfer would, I had put traffic linkback into the coffer of some other reviewer. Traffic=revenue and not mine.

Lesson learned: Just because a service, website, fill-in-the-blank is popular does not mean it is right for you or is what it appears to be.

A very interesting caveat to this experince: I was amused to see the one name moniker of a local politico from my urban area of operation as a registered user. What makes this amusing is that this particular creature is feking paranoid about not revealing the former birth name as said creature has legally changed the birth name to this one name affair.

Add to the hilarity the one thing any techno-geek knows: You are never alone on the 'Net. Someone will accidently find you eventually.....even if they were not looking and wouldn't look for you anyway.